MAR 27, 2023

Nano and Micro Integrated Backshell

Ultimate Micro Circular Inline Wired Metal Shell

Winchester Interconnect Micro, formerly known as Ulti-Mate Connector, has developed a line of Integrated Backshells that address size constraints and EMI concerns. Other backshells are either too large (fit over the wired connector) or too expensive. Winchester Interconnect Micro’s new line of Integrated Backshells are designed to be small and offer some key benefits. Since the backshell is integrated into the connector body, the height and width is minimized. Additionally, our integrated backshells reduce the number of components needed, providing our customers with a reduction in costs and items on the Bill of Materials (BOM).

NOV 11, 2022

Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom Cable Assemblies

As a high-end cable assembly supplier to the Military, Medical, Geophysical, Commercial Aviation markets, let us put our expertise to work for you. Ulti-Mate Connector Inc. designs custom precision interconnect turnkey solutions to meet all demanding requirements. From over molded back-to-back cables to multiple connector "3D" system harness assemblies, the team at Ulti-Mate meets your design needs.

SEP 14, 2022

Medical Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Winchester Interconnect Micro's Micro Circular Inline Wired Metal Shell

Medical applications require lightweight, high density microminiature connectors in critical operating systems. Winchester offers medical device OEMs a trusted source from which they can build competitive advantages in devices that enable life-saving therapies. We create value while mitigating risk through expert design and manufacturing, reliable end-to-end solutions, and a deeply consultative approach that delivers what customers need.

NOV 23, 2021


Winchester Interconnect Micro Magnified NanoD Vertical Circuit Cross Section Surface Mount Metal Shell

Electronic systems and subsystems have continuously shrunk in size and weight while still requiring high-performance specifications. Consequently, surface-mounted connectors have evolved in kind, from Military Circular connectors and D-Subminiature to Micro-Ds to today’s top technology: Nano-Ds. Despite the abundance of suppliers in the market, quality and production issues have persisted as they try to balance size constraints vs performance requirements.

JUNE 16, 2020


Miniature Connectors

The following Article was written by one of our senior members on the capabilities of our much smaller, yet consistent micro and nano connectors. Explore and see why choosing the right connector at the early stages is crucial to a manufacturing projects.

AUGUST 31, 2018


UMI Nano Flat Tail Leads

This following Winchester Interconnect Micro white paper provides insight how using the flat edge of beryllium cooper stock instead of round results in improved contact consistency and mechanical strength of the compliant pin and socket designs. It is well established that a flat contact for Micro and Nano Connectors are more predictably formed for consistent processing in assembly.

APRIL 30, 2018



When your design requires high density, high grade .025” pitch interconnect to support your criteria, there is a lot to consider when specifying a “Nano” size connector. Not the least of which is choosing a component that will reduce or eliminate costly delays, redesign and rework. The following whitepaper offers some practical insight that will assist you and your team in making your best, most reliable interconnect choices.


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