The Challenge

Technology is ever-changing and driving the requirement for interconnects to become smaller and smaller. Electro-Magnetic Interference, or EMI, continues to be a major issue for cable assemblies.

Winchester Interconnect Micro's Solution

Winchester Interconnect Micro, formerly known as Ulti-Mate Connector, has developed a line of Integrated Backshells that address size constraints and EMI concerns. Other backshells are either too large (fit over the wired connector) or too expensive. Winchester Interconnect Micro’s new line of Integrated Backshells are designed to be small and offer some key benefits. Since the backshell is integrated into the connector body, the height and width is minimized. Additionally, our integrated backshells reduce the number of components needed, providing our customers with a reduction in costs and items on the Bill of Materials (BOM).

Integrated backshells are available in both our Nano-D and Micro-D connector lines. Designed around the M83513 and M32139 interfaces, integrated backshells can be incorporated into pigtailed connectors or complex cable harnesses without increasing the profile of the connector. They provide 360 degrees of EMI protection while increasing cable strength without need for a traditional band style clamp. Within Winchester Interconnect Micro’s Integrated Backshell line, solutions can be offered with several different inner and outer braiding options, various cable exit angles, and custom configurations. Our in house braiding machines allow us to provide our customers with tightly fitted EMI shielding and abrasion protection. Non-Metallic fabric braids can be made from [Denier Fiber, per MIL-C-572]. Metal braided sleeving can be made of either Tinned or Silver plated copper per A- A-59551.

Key Design Benefits

  • Smaller than a traditional backshell
  • Weight savings
  • 360° EMI coverage
  • Does not increase connector profile
  • Cost savings
  • Less part number on the BOM
  • Creates strong cable retention
  • Customizable with multiple exit angles

Winchester Interconnect Micro has been producing world-class Microminiature and Nanomiature connectors and customized solutions since 1977. From our facility in Orange, California, we proudly serve the interconnect needs of the Military, Aviation, Medical, Industrial and Geophysical markets. Our reputation for innovation and quality has placed Winchester Interconnect Micro in many critical applications.

Winchester Interconnect Micro designs and manufactures a broad range of precision-engineered Micro and Nano Connectors and Cable Assemblies. We can collaborate on custom solutions that meet your most challenging interconnect needs.

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Winchester Interconnect Micro, is ITAR Registered, ISO 9001: 2015, and AS9100 revision D certified. Our robust quality assurance processes ensure Winchester Interconnect Micro connectors and cable assemblies comply with all documentation requirements, product configurations, and validation requirements.

Cable assemblies are 100% electrically tested for Hi-Pot, DWV, IR, Continuity, Placement, and Contact Resistance. Mechanical Integrity, flame retardant, flex life, shielding & signal integrity, and outgassing, when necessary.

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