At Ulti-Mate Connector Inc., our guiding principle is your satisfaction with the quality of our products and services, and our relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers. We set challenging goals and measure our performance to ensure continual improvement. To ensure we succeed, Lean Manufacturing processes are developed and utilized at our two facilities, driving improvements throughout our company.

We work hard to maintain the various disciplines and apply them every day to our business.


  • People are our most valued assets
  • Advanced Technology for continual improvement
  • Superior Quality of Ulti-Mate Products and Services
  • Continual Improvement is essential to success


Lean Six Sigma combines two of the most valuable performance improvement methodologies used today: Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

Six Sigma is a tool guiding people to work smarter. Lean Manufacturing concepts help employees work efficiently. Together, Lean Six Sigma projects comprise aspects of Lean's waste elimination and the Six Sigma focus on defect reduction.

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