Wired Single Row Single Ended Connectors

    • Metal Shell Connector with wire Leads
    • Standard Operating Temperature −55 C to 125 C
    • High Temperature versions to 200 C (add HT)
    • 9 to 51 Contacts
    • Ulti-Mate is a QPL qualified supplier for MIL-DTL-32139 product.
Product NoDescriptionEngineering Part NoMil Spec NoIn Stock 
833139000(E291)This is a valid part number.Restrictions may apply.Please consult factory for details.NML21-1P02/SR21S0 w/latch-30YX-8.00-S01 SPLn/aQuote »
833211612Nano Single Row, Male Wired, Size 9, with 6.0" color codedNML09-1P02-30F6-6.0-S01n/aQuote »
833221612Nano Single Row, Male Wired, Size 15, with 6.0" color codedNML15-1P02-30F6-6.0-S01n/aQuote »
833231612Nano Single Row, Male Wired, Size 21, with 6.0" color codedNML21-1P02-30F6-6.0-S01n/aQuote »
833241612Nano Single Row, Male Wired, Size 25, with 6.0" color codedNML25-1P02-30F6-6.0-S01n/aQuote »
833251612Nano Single Row, Male Wired, Size 31, with 6.0" color codedNML31-1P02-30F6-6.0-S01n/aQuote »
833261612Nano Single Row, Male Wired, Size 37, with 6.0" color codedNML37-1P02-30F6-6.0-S01n/aQuote »
833271612Nano Single Row, Male Wired, Size 51, with 6.0" color codedNML51-1P02-30F6-6.0-S01n/aQuote »

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