Standard Profile Plastic Shell Connectors

    Winchester Interconnect Micro, formerly known as Ulti-Mate Connector, offers quality Standard Profile Plastic Shell Connectors that are a versatile solution for cable connections. They feature a plastic shell design that provides reliability and ease of use. These connectors are available in various configurations, supporting up to 10 coax or 65 signal positions. With an operating temperature range of -55 C to 200 C (add HT), they can handle extreme environments effectively. They feature a contact resistance of 8 milliohms max contact only and 32 milliohms max with 6" length at 2.5A. The current rating for signal contacts is 3A max, while power contacts can handle up to 10A. The dielectric withstand voltage is 600 VAC at sea level, 150 VAC at 70,000 feet, and 1300 VAC at sea level. To benefit from these connectors, request a quote today.

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