437152900 - S1R15S2-24C3-.109-HT (2,28)

Ulti-Mate Connector offers 15 POSITION FEMALE CONNECTOR WITH ONE EMPTY CAVITY BETWEEN EACH WIRED CAVITY. GUIDE PINS AT POSITIONS 2 AND 29. (WIRED CAVITIES ARE ODD NUMBERED CAVIT , engineering partnumber S1R15S2-24C3-.109-HT (2,28) .Call today to receive a quote!

S1R15S2-24C3-.109-HT (2,28) - Product Details

Order No 437152900
Engineering Part No S1R15S2-24C3-.109-HT (2,28)
UMI Qty Available1
PEI Qty Available0
March Electronics Qty Available0
Powell Electronics Qty Available0
Ulti-Mate Ecom Qty Available0
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S1R15S2-24C3-.109-HT (2,28) | High Temp Micro-D Wired Solder

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