434329001 - APR15P02-24M5-18.0-S01-HT-SPL

Winchester Interconnect Micro, formerly known as Ulti-Mate ConnectorMicro-d Connector Metal Shell Low Profile,15 Contacts,Pin Male Plug Housing,Low Profile Allen Head Jackscrew 2-56 Thread,24 AWG CRIMPED WIRE,Stranded, w/ Teflon Insulation, per SAE-AS22759/11,Color code per MIL-STD-681(Non-Repeating),18.0" WIRE LENGTH,Nickel Plated Shell,High Temperature 200 Celsius,ROHS Compliant,Export Restricted:Consult Factory , Engineering Description APR15P02-24M5-18.0-S01-HT-SPL .Call today to receive a quote!

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Product Details

Order No 434329001
Engineering Description This is a valid part number.Restrictions may apply.Please consult factory for details.APR15P02-24M5-18.0-S01-HT-SPL
UMI Qty Available2
PEI Qty Available0
March Electronics Qty Available0
Powell Electronics Qty Available0
Winchester Ecom Qty Available0
APR15P02-24M5-18.0-S01-HT-SPL | MicroD Wired - Low Profile - Metal Shell

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