434319010 - APR09P/APR09P-26E5-XX.X-S03-HT SPL

Ulti-Mate Connector offers Base part number for male/male double ended assembly, Part number consists of base number followed by -xxx where xxx is the length of the assembly in , engineering partnumber APR09P/APR09P-26E5-XX.X-S03-HT SPL .Call today to receive a quote!

APR09P/APR09P-26E5-XX.X-S03-HT SPL - Product Details

Order No 434319010
Engineering Part No This is a valid part number.Restrictions may apply.Please consult factory for details.APR09P/APR09P-26E5-XX.X-S03-HT SPL
UMI Qty Availablen/a
PEI Qty Availablen/a
March Electronics Qty Availablen/a
Powell Electronics Qty Availablen/a
Ulti-Mate Ecom Qty Availablen/a
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APR09P/APR09P-26E5-XX.X-S03-HT SPL | High Temp Micro-D Wired Solder

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