In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, manufacturers are increasingly turning to high-performance microminiature connectors that offer a winning combination of lightweight design, durability, and resistance to vibration and shock. Winchester Interconnect Micro, formerly known as Ulti-Mate Connector, is at the forefront of this technological revolution, providing custom-made connectors tailored to the specific needs of various industrial applications.

Our connectors are trusted by industrial manufacturers across a wide range of sectors, including robotics, test and measurement, and automation. These critical applications demand connectors that can withstand the toughest requirements of the industrial environment. With our dedication to quality and innovation, Winchester Interconnect Micro delivers durable and reliable solutions that ensure optimal performance in demanding industrial settings.

In the industrial market, our connectors are used in:

  • Machine Vision Systems: Image capture, processing, and analysis all require reliable connections that our connectors are able to provide.
  • Marine: In the field of undersea mapping, rugged connectors are required to be water-resistant and durable during long exploration expeditions.
  • Automation: Secure, fast, reliable connections are required to ensure various system components are properly communicating with each other. We support the digital signals between field devices and control units with our dependable connectors.
  • Robotics: This field requires the connection between sensors, wireless communications, motion, drone and robots. We provide space-saving connectors that last.
  • Mass Transit: Our connectors have been used in control and signaling, on-board electronics, and communications to ensure the safety of all onboard mass transit systems.

We understand that every industrial application is unique. That's why we offer custom connector and cable assembly solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our team of experts works closely with industrial engineers, taking a consultative approach to understand their challenges and develop tailored solutions that deliver optimal performance and reliability.

At Winchester Interconnect Micro, we offer a variety of customization options that include:

  1. Connector type - From Nano Connectors to Micro-D Connectors to Top-down Custom Connectors, Winchester Interconnect Micro prides itself on carrying a wide range of products that will suit all of our valued customers' interconnect needs.
  2. Cable length - Certain applications such as medical require a variety of lengths to ensure a secure connection for critical moments. Our dedicated team of account managers can inform you of some custom lengths we can design for your project. Some of our standard lengths include 6.0”, 18.0”, 24.0” and 36.0”
  3. Cable type - The type of cables can have a mission-critical impact in a variety of applications. We offer a wide variety of cable types. Customization options include twisted shielded pairs, drain wires, high temperature wires, and other specialty wires.
  4. Cable shielding and protection - Our 16 and 24 bobbin machines are capable of providing metal and fabric braiding to simple and complex branch assemblies primarily used for EMI shielding. Discuss this need with our team for your next custom project.
  5. Connector plating - Our choices for plating give the option to finish off the connector however our esteemed clients would like. Certain finishes work better with applications where durability and corrosion resistance are important. Some common options include gold, nickel, cadmium, black anodized, and titanium.
  6. Custom branding - At Winchester Interconnect Micro, we have worked with our clients in the past to secure branding on each one of our finished connectors to aid in their continued successes. Commonly, logos or names have been added onto these custom connectors.
  7. High Temperature Materials - Let us tailor your connector to meet your specific application needs. For Hi-Temp connectors, we offer proprietary epoxy material that can withstand 200 Celsius at continuous operating temperature.

Since 1977, we at Winchester Interconnect Micro, remain committed to our drive for innovation and advancement. With our micro-d connectors, nano-d connectors, and more, we strive to continue to deliver superior products and services to our customers. As such, we are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and challenging the impossible. Whether it is offering an online store, expanding our range of connectors, cables, and cable assemblies, or improving our manufacturing processes to meet key quality, safety, and environmental certifications, this commitment is reflected in everything we do. We remain at the forefront of the interconnect industry and are proud to offer our customers the highest quality micro-d connectors, nano-d connectors, and custom cable assemblies that meet their evolving needs. Our dedication to innovation and advancement is central to our mission, and we will continue to invest in this area to ensure that we remain leaders in the cable connector market.

At Winchester Interconnect Micro, we understand the mission-critical nature of your work and the performance-driven requirements of your applications. Our team works relentlessly to ensure that the nano-d connectors, micro-d connectors, cables, and cable assemblies we deliver are worthy of your designs. Our multi-disciplinary experts combine deep industry and interconnect experience. By using the latest design and simulation tools, we can collaborate directly with your engineers to develop solutions for real-world connectivity challenges. Our dedicated account managers, engineers, and production team specialize in quickly understanding technical requirements and working within time constraints to provide quality products and service beyond comparison. Buy now online or request a quote today.


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