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As technology advances, the requirements for more compact circuit boards with limited space becomes a concern for many of our valued customers. We at Ulti-Mate Connector work with them to ensure that they can find the right solution for their interconnect needs. Surface mount components have been the solution. In the past, through hole technology has been used which goes through the entire board. Unfortunately, this eliminates the ability to add any components or connectors to the other side. We have a dedicated team that is experienced with a variety of surface mount technology (SMT). Our SMT connectors can be used for an even wider range of applications.

Surface mount technology was developed in the 1960s and initially called planar mounting. Over its evolution, SMT has been able to cut costs while increasing quality and became the much preferred method over through hole methods. These connectors are used to securely connect components on a printed circuit board (PCB). Traditionally with through-hole connectors, holes are drilled onto a PCB then through-hole connectors are inserted into them for mounting. Surface mount connectors have the benefit of being mounted directly onto the surface of the PCB.

Surface mount connectors have increased in popularity due to:

When space is a major concern for our clients, our strip series connectors have been the perfect solution. Our Micro strip series utilizes the same contact system of our M38513 connectors. This is similar for our Nano strip series contact system and M32139 QPL connectors. We pride ourselves in offering strip connectors that come in a variety of sizes that are not traditionally available in Micro-D and Nano-D designs. We also offer plenty of customization options to suit your unique design needs. For more information on our Micro Strip series, click here. Learn more about our Nano Strip series here.

We are proud to offer an original construction of the Ulti-Mate Nano-D SMT connectors that cannot be found elsewhere on the market. In low volume production, diminished quality control and low production rates are the side effects of hand soldering or usage of a hot bar. We overcome these issues with our innovative design. By using a single-piece stamped and formed contact, our proprietary design and manufacturing processes enable us to offer a flat lead contact design. For soldering, reliability, and functionality, our flat lead design offers superior results for our surface mount PCB connections.

The Ulti-Mate Connector unique design allows us to set the standard for coplanarity to the lowest tolerances. Coplanarity refers to the positioning of a lead relative to another and this is a concern to ensure reliable connections. Our design is stamped and formed from a single piece of metal. This eliminates most of the production variability from using a bus wire in a surface mount Nano-D. As a result, Ulti-Mate surface mount Nano-D connectors have an industry leading controlled coplanarity of -0.001” to +0.003”. We offer more information about our Nano-D SMT connectors in our case study here. For more information on our Nano PCB Connectors, click here.

SMT Micro-D connectors are no longer widely used but we have several designs that we have developed over the years. For more about our SMT Micro-D connectors contact us.

At Ulti-Mate Connector, we offer a variety of customization options that include:

  1. Connector type - From Nano Connectors to Micro-D Connectors to Top-down Custom Connectors, Ulti-Mate Connector prides itself on carrying a wide range of products that will suit all of our valued customers' interconnect needs.
  2. Cable length - Certain applications such as medical require a variety of lengths to ensure a secure connection for critical moments. Our dedicated team of account managers can inform you of some custom lengths we can design for your project. Some of our standard lengths include 18.0” and 36.0”.
  3. Cable color - The color of cables can have a mission-critical impact in certain applications. We offer a range of highly visible colors that can easily be customized with a request.
  4. Connector plating - Our choices for plating give the option to finish off the connector however our esteemed clients would like. Certain finishes work better with applications where durability and corrosion resistance are important. Some common options include gold, nickel, cadmium, and titanium.
  5. Custom branding - At Ulti-Mate Connector, we have worked with our clients in the past to secure branding on each one of our finished connectors to aid in their continued successes. Commonly, logos or names have been added onto these custom connectors.

Since 1977, we at Ulti-Mate Connector, remain committed to our drive for innovation and advancement. Our goal is to continue to deliver superior products and services to our customers. For this reason we are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and challenging the impossible. Whether it is expanding our range of connectors, cables, and cable assemblies, improving our manufacturing processes to meet key quality, safety, and environmental certifications, or offering an online store, this commitment is reflected in everything we do. By staying at the forefront of the industry, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality products that meet their evolving needs. Our dedication to innovation and advancement is central to our mission, and we will continue to invest in this area to ensure that we remain leaders in the cable connector market.

At Ulti-Mate Connector, we understand the mission-critical nature of your work and the performance-driven requirements of your applications. Our team works relentlessly to ensure that the connectors, cables, and cable assemblies we deliver are worthy of your designs. Our multi-disciplinary experts combine deep industry and interconnect experience. By using the latest design and simulation tools, we can collaborate directly with your engineers to develop solutions for real-world connectivity challenges. Our dedicated account managers, engineers, and production team specialize in quickly understanding technical requirements and working within time constraints to provide quality products and service beyond comparison. Buy now online or request a quote today.

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