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In Line Field Attachable Plastic Shell

  • Nano Circular Connectors
  • Circular Plastic - Field Attachable Inline
    • Field Solderable Connector
    • Plastic Connector w/Flat Leads
    • Operating Temperature -50 ℃ to 200 ℃
    • 7 Contacts
  • Ulti-Mate is in the process of qualification testing for MIL-DTL-32139 product.
Nano Series In Line Field Attachable Plastic Shell
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Contact Residence 0.071 volt maximum drop @ 1.0 amps (.071 ohms)
CURRENT RATING 1.0 Amp Maximum per contact
INSULATION RESISTANCE 5,000 Megaohms Minimum @ 100 VDC
Contact Engaging and Separating Forces

5 Ounce Maximum, 0.4 Ounce Minimum

Standard Wire Sizes

#30-#32 AWG

Shock and Vibration
VIBRATION Tested in accordance with EIA-364-28, Condition IV. No Damage or resistance change greater than 10 omhs lasting longer than 10 ns
SHOCK Tested in accordance with EIA-364-27, Condition G. No Damage or resistence change greater than 10 ns
DURABILITY 200 connector mating cycles tested in accordance with EIA-364-09. No Damage or resistance change greater than 10ohms lasting longer than 10ns
SALT SPRAY Mated connectors tested in accordance with EIA-364-26, Condition B. No exposure to base metal
Humidity Mated connectors tested in accordance with EIA-364-31, Condition B (except steps 7a and 7b). Meet DWV and IR Requirements

Consult factory to determine if optional hardware is available.

Materials and Finishes
Pin & Socket Contacts Pins: BeCu alloy strip per ASTM-B-194 / Sockets: BeCu per ASTM-B-194
Contacts Plating Gold plate per ASTM B488, or SAE AMS 2422
Molded Insulators into Metal housing or Full plastic housing: Insulating compound per MIL-I-16923. Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), per MIL-M-24519 GLCP-30F, 30% Glass-Filled

Please confirm the part number(s) you selected with our customer service department prior to placement of order.